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Air Freight
  - Pick-up from Shipper's door and Delivery
     to Consignee's door.
  - Array of airlines to work with dependent
    on price and transit needed.
  - Import and Export across the world.
  - Security throughout the supply chain.

ECS is an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC)

We are carriers without the constraints of basic carriers. We are able to offer an array of service options through several basic carrier services. Contrary to us, basic carriers  can only offer their own service.


Charter or Part-Charters
  - Need to charter a B747 or AN124? How
     about a Eurocopter AS-332 or Cessna 406?
  - Whatever the need or timing ECS can get
     the right plane or helicopter for the load.
  - We'll handle your cargo from door to door.
  - Depending on timing Part Charters may be
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