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According to Webster:

Logistics is the aspect of military science dealing with the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military material, facilities, and personnel OR the handling of details of an operation.

According to ECS:  

Logistics is the burden of various operational functions a company punctually or regularly

is required to manage for the sake of their core business.

ECS is designed to take this burden away from our customers.

Whether physical, clerical, negotiation or consultation services are needed, ECS is geared to efficiently run 

parts or all of your logistics, and by taking over these functions we clear your time to focus on your specialty.

 Our strength is our ability to adapt to our customer's requirements.

We're able to follow instructions on case by case basis, follow an SOP autonomously,

or create an SOP and train our customer's staff to handle it. 

When you have a logistical challenge and don't have the time, experience or personnel to do it efficiently.

Look to ECS and you'll find that we have all the answers.

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